Vikings News · MCPS Athletics Update 8/20/20

As we approach the beginning of the virtual First semester, it’s time to plan out when your athletic season will take place. During the virtual season, there will be no cuts and every student is encouraged to participate. Each team will have activities for approximately six hours per week and each season will last five weeks. The schedule for the seasons are as follows:

Fall – September 14 – October 16

Winter – October 26 – December 4

Spring – December 14 – January 22

This calendar allows students and staff two weeks to start the school year and prepare
for the start of the first season. There is also one week between each season and
allows one week at the end of the semester to allow for a transition into the second
semester and transition into the in-person operations of MCPS Athletics.
● During the first semester, all sports will operate within the confines of their respective
seasons, based on the traditional model of operations. Note – cheerleading will only
occur in the fall season, while poms will only occur in the winter season.
● The virtual program is open to all students – no cuts

● Each season will consist of:
○ Systemwide engagement opportunities, including speakers, character education,
and other resources as appropriate
○ Schoolwide engagement, per the athletics specialist or athletic coordinator
○ Sport-specific countywide engagement
○ Team-specific engagement
● Curriculum and programming will include activities that reflect the R.A.I.S.E. core values
of MCPS Athletics, including the following:
○ Respect & Sportsmanship – team building, potential engagement with other
○ Academic Excellence – academic support and college recruiting support
○ Integrity & Character – character education, including speakers and programs
○ Spirited & Safe Competition – skills and sport instruction, along with COVID-19
safety education in preparation for in-person activities
○ Equity & Access – efforts supporting equity and social justice initiatives
● Curriculum and programming will be created through a collaborative process that
engages leaders across the program, coaches, and the student-athlete leadership
● Students will need to complete a parent permission form to participate. If students want
to participate in any physical conditioning/skills-based activities they must have a valid
physical on file.
● Outside of the confines of the formal season, coaches will also be able to engage with
students, consistent with the out-of-season guidelines for virtual engagement. Similar to
the summer, this engagement would be team-based and not administered centrally.
More information will be provided from the MPSSAA in the coming weeks.
● The virtual delivery and seasonal structure will also apply to the middle school athletics
program. Appropriate modifications to middle school sports will be made during the
planning process, as needed.


Online Registration information will be coming soon.