Students, Parents, Staff, and Fans,

We would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to our staff, parents and students for your support at our athletic events.  We value your commitment to our continuing goal to make Walt Whitman an example of distinction within the Montgomery County Public Schools community.  It is our goal to maintain an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and demonstrate respect for others during our athletic events.

Concerns have been raised regarding conduct that has been observed during our after-school sporting events.  While we encourage school spirit, it has been observed that this has sometimes resulted in personal and verbal attacks toward the opposing team members and their fans.  It is important that we are sensitive to the manner in which we display school spirit.  It is the expectation of MCPS that all participants at athletic events conduct themselves with dignity, respect and pride.  Fans and spectators are expected and encouraged to cheer in a positive manner.  All athletes, coaches, officials, parents and fans are an integral part of high school athletics and should be treated in a positive and respectful manner.   We would never want to display poor sportsmanship toward our opponents, their parents, coaches, officials or fans.  This would include conduct such as:

  • Derogatory or negative remarks directed toward opposing players/teams or officials.
  • Showing disrespect during introductions such as booing and turning your back.
  • Making negative comments including all racial slurs and taunts.
  • Booing the opposing teams, coaches and officials.
  • Making verbal attacks on individual team players, coaches and officials.

Persons that demonstrate poor sportsmanship will be removed from the event and may be held accountable for further disciplinary actions.

Expectations of Good Sportsmanship at Walt Whitman High School

Athletes, parents, students and fans:  Please be reminded that:

  • Spectators represent the school just as the members of the team and, therefore, have an equal obligation to demonstrate good sportsmanship and encourage it in others.
  • Good sportsmanship is more important than victory.  We can show our approval by applauding good team play, individual skill and outstanding examples of sportsmanship exhibited by members of either team.
  • Since the primary purpose of interscholastic athletics is to promote the physical, social and emotional well being of players through the medium of contest, victory or defeat is secondary to exhibiting good sportsmanship and respect for others at all times.
  • Always treat visiting teams, officials, parents, students and fans as guests and extend to them courtesy and respect.

We are confident in your cooperation to support our commitment to display good sportsmanship at all times.


Robby Dodd



Andrew Wetzel

Athletic Director