Tryout Information

Practice Start Dates

2020 – Wed. August 12

2021 – Wed. August 11

2022 – Wed. August 10

2023 – Wed. August 9

2024 – Wed. August 14

2025 Wed. August 13

Register for sports via the MyMCPS parent portal.

Registration will open on/around July 15 2019.

All registration must be done online.  No paper copies.  You can upload a copy of your physical clearance form. (last page)

Tryout Dates:

  • Fall sports can begin tryouts on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year. Some sports may not start on this date – see below for sport-specific information.
  • Poms will also hold tryouts starting August 12th.  This is a change from previous years.
  • All winter sports begin tryouts on Friday, November 15th, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • All spring sports begin tryouts on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 for the 2019-2020 school year.

Here is what you need to know:


  • Grades – returning HS students must have at least a 2.0 and no more than 1 E on their most recent report card.
  • Incoming freshmen are automatically eligible for the first quarter.
  • Age – you must be under the age of 19 as of the first day of the school year.
  • Paperwork and Permissions – you must have completed the ONLINE registration process BEFORE you will be allowed to participate in any team activities.
  • Tryout days vary by coach and sport.  Each coach will set their own timeline.  There is no break between tryouts and practices.
  • Most teams practice 6 days a week.
  • Athletes are expected to participate in every practice and game.

Fall 2019 Sports Tryout information:

  • Football practice begins on August 14th at 8am on the top practice field.  Email with questions.
  • Boys Soccer tryouts begin August 14th at 9am on the turf. Email with questions.
  • Girls Soccer tryouts begin August 14th at 7am on the turf.  Email with questions.
  • Cross Country tryouts begin August 14th at 8am on the track.  Email with questions.
  • Field Hockey tryouts being August 16 at 9am on the turf.  Email with questions.
  • Cheerleading practice starts August 14th 8am in the aux gym.  Email with questions.
  • Girls Volleyball tryouts begin August 14th at 8am in the main gym.  Email with questions.  Andria Warner.
  • Poms practices begin August 14th at TBD. Email with questions.  Alexa Ciesinski
  • Corollary Team Handball practices begin once school is in session.  Email with questions.
  • Golf tryouts begin August 14 and 15 @ PB Dye GC  2:30pm.   Email AnneMarie_C_O’ with questions.

Winter 2019-2020 Sports Tryout Information:

  • Wrestling practice begins November 15th at 3:00 in the wrestling room.  Email with questions
  • Boys Basketball tryouts start November 15th in the gym. Time is TBD.  Email with questions.
  • Girls Basketball tryouts start November 15th in the gym.  Time is TBD.  Email Peter_F_Kenah with questions.
  • Swim and Dive practice starts November 15th. Time and location is TBA. Email or with questions.
  • Indoor Track practice starts November 15th on the track.  Email with questions.
  • Poms information email with questions.
  • Varsity Cheerleading information email with questions.
  • Bocce practices begins in December.  Email with questions.

Spring 2020 Sports Tryout Information:

  • Baseball practice begins on Feb 29th 10am on the baseball field.  Email with questions.
  • Outdoor Track practice begins on Feb 29th 8am on the track. Email with questions.
  • Boys Tennis practice starts Feb 29th 2:30pm on the tennis courts.  Email with questions.
  • Boys Lacrosse practice starts Feb 29th 10:00am.  Email Coach Ryan Foringer @ with questions.
  • Girls Lacrosse practice starts Feb 29th 8:00am.  Email Coach Katie Bitonti @ with questions.
  • Softball practice starts Feb 29th 10am on the softball field.  Email AnneMarie_C_O’ with questions.
  • Boys Volleyball practice will start March 2nd @ 3pm in the main gym.  Email Coach with questions
  • Coed Volleyball practice will start March 2nd @ 5pm in the main gym.  Email Coach  with questions
  • Allied Softball practice will start late 3/9/20 @ 2:30pm in the aux gym.  Email with questions.
  • Gymnastics practice will start TBD @ TBD in the main gym.  Email Coach Randy Brown @ with questions.
  • Girls Tennis practice starts Feb 29th 12:00 on the tennis courts.  Email with questions.